The Standard 7

The only way this world will achieve a “one world government” is when that “one world government” succeeds in ensuring that:

  1. The rights of every man and woman on this planet are protected.
  2. All people retain the power to choose how they will live.
  3. All people retain the power to withdraw consent.
  4. Everyone is educated to the Natural Law, their responsibility to themselves and their responsibility to others around them.
  5. All its actions are open and freely visible to all.
  6. All its actions are fully accountable to the people.
  7. All its actions are in accord with its own principles.

This is a message to those who “believe they rule”:

There will be no “one world government” unless The Standard 7 principles of governance are met.

Any other governance model employing any kind of force without consent of the governed constitutes a criminal act and renders the government unlawful and unauthorized to exist by the authority of the people.

You better figure out how to change your system according to this standard because you are not permitted to do anything else.

You already know that you cannot prevail in a trial-by-combat and the people would rather not be forced to kill all of you.